Pain and Soreness

  • Healing the overall body soreness with more attention to the abdomen, breasts, and back areas
  • Specialized care for C-section recovery, with meticulous attention to the incision site to promote healing and prevent infections
  • Appropriate pain management, perineal care, and gentle physical therapy to recover
  • Gradual reintegration of physical activities as recommended and backed by the doctors and specialists

Breast Care

  • Expert guidance in establishing a successful breastfeeding routine for a fulfilling mother-baby bond
  • Lactation inducing herbal drink
  • Breast firming massages to promote elasticity and tone
  • Comprehensive lactation support and free doctor consultations for expert guidance

Physical Therapy

  • Regained muscle and ligament tone and strength, enabling you to reclaim your physical strength
  • Body pain relief and core strengthening, ensuring comfort and fortifying your body's foundation
  • Complete healing of stitches, promoting optimal recovery and restoring your body's Integrity
  • Heal vaginal dryness, fluctuations of body temperature and discomfort
  • Belly binding that tightens loosened belly
  • Posture Corrections
  • Uterus Shrinkage through recovery therapy
  • Elevated Spine-health
  • Postpartum therapies to help with blood circulation

Weight loss and Shaping

  • Personalized weight loss diet chart incorporating age-old herbs, facilitating healthy and sustainable weight management
  • Advanced body contouring and shaping techniques, sculpting your physique to your desired vision
  • Advanced posture correction techniques for better alignment and posture
  • Tailored yoga and fitness programs with a focus on flexibility, enhancing your physical agility and overall well-being
  • Decreased risk of future obesity, setting the foundation for a healthy and balanced future
  • Retraction of the lower abdomen, restoring your pre-pregnancy contours with precision
  • Remarkable reforming to your pre-pregnancy weight and beyond, unveiling a version of yourself that surpasses expectations and radiates confidence

Skin and Hair

  • Hair fall control and stimulation of hair growth, nurturing your hair to look luscious and radiant
  • Luxurious herbal and flower baths for supple and nourished skin, exuding a natural radiance
  • Body scrubs to eliminate dead cells
  • Body polish treatment to make you glow
  • Nutritious herbal drink for hair loss
  • Skin tightening and healing treatments, bestowing a youthful and revitalized appearance and regaining what you lost during child birth

Lost Nutrition and blood loss during Childbirth

  • Premium products and a natural health kit featuring carefully selected essentials for your well-being
  • Enhanced immunity and full-body strength, empowering you with resilience and vitality with our physical therapy
  • Gain your lost nutrients back with our dietary supplements
  • We will provide energy boosting soup, herbal drinks and other easy to take natural food for your strength