What is Mamma Care Pro?

Mamma Care Pro brings to modern mothers, the traditional methods of postpartum healing therapy that dates back to centuries.

Mamma Care Pro Legacy of care Offers comprehensive Holistic PostPartum care services specializing in massage and body work therapies along with nutrition and diet support to help you restore your pre-pregnancy condition & quicker recovery.

Why Mamma Care Pro?

Our Services are tailored for a healthy transition into motherhood. Our professionals are advanced in therapy, with rich herbs, oils & equipments while being professional, hygienic and safe.


Meet the Founder

Meet Nasimah Israth is, the founder of Mamma Care Pro.

With years of experience in the Skincare and Wellness Industry, Nasimah Israth, is specialized as a Cosmetic Aesthetician & as a Skincare Formulator.

In her personal journey, she realized that postpartum recovery is essential. As a mother of two beautiful daughters with a 9-year age gap between them, she recognized the profound connection between her physical recovery and mental/emotional well-being during the postpartum period. From that moment, she emphasized the importance of providing every mother with dedicated recovery space at home and ensuring that every mother's postpartum recovery period proceeds without any compromises.

Through extensive travel and research across Asia, she discovered the perfect blend of traditional and modern methodologies to cater to the evolving needs of every mother to retrieve their physical, emotional and mental wellness during their Postpartum period.

A word from the founder:

I welcome you on this incredible journey of motherhood. We at Mamma Care Pro understand the profound transformation that takes place within you during this sacred time and we are here as your partners to honour and support every step of your unique path.

I invite you to experience the nurturing touch if therapeutic Postpartum massages and other bodyworks with Mamma Care Pro.

With regards,
Mrs. Nasimah Israth

Cosmetics Aesthetician & Skincare Formulator
(Founder of Mamma Care Pro)